3 Important Facts You Did Not Know About Zkittlez Strain

The ZKittlez is one of the most famous varieties that exist in the world of marijuana, a cannabis legend with great acceptance by the masses, which currently reaches a record demand in countries such as the US. and at prices for their resinous buds that are unparalleled.

Much has to do with its attractive lemon and fuel flavor, along with a championship power that makes it the favorite of many growers thanks to its powers. We present them in the form of a decalogue to dispel all doubts you may have about this fantastic variety.


The taste is strong and fresh equally, with sweet notes, concentrated citric acid and some hints of earth, fuel, and spices, giving an irresistible barbecue taste, something that embellishes Americans like nobody else; and that many have compared to having a drink of lemon scrub mixed with the ashes of a summer barbecue. An unmistakable flavor that influences, along with its potency, its high final price.


It is a very shrubby plant, that is, low and with many ramifications. But with an abundant production that can offer specimens up to 3 meters high. And with a flowering of many buds scattered around the elbows. Ripe flowers usually appear as large, dense, lime green clusters covered with large amounts of resin. Being such a branched plant, pruning and torture facilitate maximizing its production, being also an ideal plant to become a mother and remove lots of clones from it.


This particular strain is not a traditional Zkittlez strain because it has more Sativas characteristics and is known for its lively type of high that is ideal for occasional smokers and for those who enjoy staying active during the day. For this reason, Zkittlez is perfect for smokers who need to keep their heads clear during the day.

If you want to cultivate something truly revolutionary, which is considered by many to be the new reference in cannabis breeding, you need a package of Zkittlez. Stories about the real origins of this mysterious modern classic are abundant. Is it a cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and the Hindu Kush? Nobody knows for sure. But what is certain is that when you take a few puffs, you know it.

This incarnation of the zkittlez strain has a low and compact growth profile and is definitely a more leafy phenotype than that of its competitors. Plants do not usually grow more than 1m and can bloom in just eight weeks. Its penetrating perfume with aromas of earth and pine announces its presence. Its thick, sticky neon green buds will leave you no doubt that you are growing the original product. The Grape Ape and Grapefruit mixed flavor go straight to your head like brain fog, leaving behind a gelatinous body, fully leveraged. These ultra-powerful buds, with more than 20% THC, can make an expert fumeta cough like a novice.

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