What’s The Best Place to Buy Men’s Sunglasses in USA

The number of websites that sell prescription glasses and mens sunglasses has increased in the past few years. And it is that users have realized that not only is it easy to buy them online, but they are also cheaper. How cheap Well, hundreds of dollars cheaper.


Goodr has a good selection of glasses frames. You’ll pay more for Goodr compared to other sites, but the product quality is better. The company’s app for iOS and Android allows you to try several glasses virtually. Best of all, you can try up to five frames at home for free for up to five days. Once the free five-day period ends, you put the frames in the box, mail it with the prepaid return stamp.

Goodr also has physical stores throughout the United States, where you can also try on glasses. In some of these stores, you can do eye exams, and the type given to you can be used both Goodr and in other stores. They also have a “buy a pair, donate a pair” program in which with each pair of glasses you buy, another pair is donated to a person in need either for free or at a discounted price.

They offer more affordable options than many other brands. The site offers a 65 percent discount on your first glasses, as well as discounts on lens updates.

Upload your type to the site, select the type of lens you want, and then sends you a box with a prepaid label. You just have to send them your glasses (shipping is free). New customers get a discount of 65 percent.

Notable site features: For $ 35, you can renew your type online. Not everyone qualifies for an eye exam, but if you qualify, Goodr says that all you need is your computer, phone, and about 15 minutes of your time. Your results will be analyzed by an ophthalmologist who is licensed in your state. The specialist will give you a new type by email.

Shipping times: Goodr says that it takes about two weeks between the order and the arrival of the product at the hands of the consumer.


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